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Roake story synopsis.


This is an allegorical story of obsession and possession.

People nowadays are obsessed with celebrity, they crave fame and think it is the way to happiness. More often or not it is the opposite, and takes them to a place of misery and despair.

There is one man in the world who can accelerate this ascent to the top of the A list, in one dazzling moment.

He's a photographer of such renown, that just one photo by him is a guaranteed rocket ship to stardom.

Only he decides which individual is the recipient of his extraordinary dark art.

Our central character is the deeply mysterious photographer Eldon Roake, who is known just by his surname, Roake.

His real age is a mystery too as he has been practicing his art for as long as people can remember.

His victims will bear the brunt of his acerbic tongue, chiding, cajoling, coaxing and mesmeric.

Roake will only take one shot, it will be enough for them and everything for him.

The story in our film unfolds during a casting session where Roake is looking for his next victim.

We see him reject the pathetic efforts of the young people who turn up in hope of being chosen by him, reducing them to gibbering idiots by his sneering cynicism.

That is until he meets Angelica Foss, an extraordinary beauty with a high intellect.

He is captivated, and her future and her fate are sealed.

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